Who are we?

gray cat laying in front of a computer monitor

We are experts in making technology work for charities in the UK

Our founder & CEO, Richard Motley has around 20 years experience working with charities, big and small, across the UK.

One common issue among small and medium size organisations, is a lack of time, resources and understanding when it comes to technology.

We have the understanding

We understand how charities need to use technology and we understand the difficulties the third sector faces around that need.

Often there isn't the luxury of a dedicated IT team or the resources to out source every issue to a consultancy firm. Staff need to wear many hats and troubleshoot their own issues.

We have the resources

In order to maximise an organisations limited resources when it comes to tech, we know where to turn. We can provide you with solutions to your entire operational workflow from a new website to an entire ecosystem. We can also help you find the funding to pay for it.

Our aim is to save you time, which saves you money, which means more time and money for you to do the things you really want to do... Helping your clients.

Let's talk

Get in touch and let's start a conversation about how we can help you do what you do.

The very first step is saying hello, from there we'd like to know what it is you struggle with so we can suggest some solutions.